Yes, I would definitely recommend working with Hannah. Like I said, you are good with creating a safe space for your clients to share their struggles and for them to work through them in a very caring and loving way.

Mamen Roca – SAAMA therapist

Just imagine

  • Having your business feel fun, joyful and flowing with ease.
  • Not feeling guilty whenever you need to rest, receive support and set boundaries.
  • Feeling calm as your default emotion so you can spent more time in the flow zone and allow results to come to you.
  • Successfully managing distractions and not getting swerved by shiny object syndrome, so you can align with your right next steps.
  • Courageously creating and sharing with the world, your soul-aligned content and offers that engage and sell.
  • Skipping right to aligned decisions without the headache and emotional upheaval of the fear and the “what ifs?”

Perfect for you if…

  • You’re done with riding the stress roller coaster in your business. You know you can save so much time if you could confidently skip to the right aligned decisions.
  • You look at other entrepreneurs with envy, wondering how they make it look so easy.
  • You know your business can be so much more and yet you find yourself procrastinating.
  • You want to ditch the doubt and enjoy running your business!
  • You’re ready to work with yourself, rather than against yourself – with bespoke tools to manage your wobbles and get yourself back on track with ease.

I appreciated Hannah’s ability to get right to it. It never felt like she was unsure of what to do, nor did it feel like she was trying to fill the time. She immediately dove into the work which made me feel like she was excited to work with me and very capable.

The change I experienced in our session went beyond mental processing – I could really feel the shift and change in my body and energy. I’m grateful for the union of these parts of myself through our visualization practice. Normally, I’m skeptical of visualization practice (it hasn’t worked for me in the past) so I was blown away.

I would be happy to recommend Hannah to others. I believe she is not only gifted in what she offers, but is also very professional. She was caring without coddling, and I like that.

Emily Rose Duea – Storyteller and Healer

7 Moons Activator Package

1 deep dive session to start our work. We’ll work out what you need and set intentions.

6 Heart-Light™ Activations. We’ll use an energetic process to tap into your 6 Heart-Light™ centres, working with your body-mind-energy connection in new ways.

6 Spotlight Workbooks. You’ll look at your subconscious beliefs and emotions more consciously to establish which thoughts and energies we should clear.

6 Heart-Light™ Deep Dives. We’ll undertake deep healing sessions to rework the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back, and provide you with the tools to progress independently.

1 Heart-Light™ Consecration. This will activate your full Heart-Light Machine™, giving you two further tools to access your intuition and draw on the energies that will support you going forward.

Voice-note messaging support between sessions. Diving deep isn’t easy, so I’m available to support you throughout.

13 Moons Activator + Expansion Package

Everything as above plus…

6 Heart-Light™ Icons. Powerful ‘come back quick’ protections for when you need to get back on track fast or you want to amp up your power.

6 Soul-Ease™ guided sessions. Bespoke coaching sessions to embed each Heart-Light™ energy and work with whatever else is rising for you.

Voice-note messaging support between sessions. Diving deep isn’t easy, so I’m available to support you throughout.

I feel lighter after we had our session. My fear to speak up has definitely lessened, and it’s easier for me to raise my voice when I disagree with someone. I don’t struggle with making decisions now. [My struggle is more about how I materialize them. In this case, the struggle was definitely lifted and I could carry on with my decision.]

I felt very safe, protected and I felt that you were somebody I could trust with my issues. I also loved that I felt free to share my issues without being judged. I also loved how you held the space for me. And it was actually great to connect with a part of me that I wasn’t aware of.

I felt like you really cared about me! And to me, this was important.

Mamen Roca – SAAMA therapist

I’ve spent my career wondering why I wasn’t getting the results others were or why success only felt achievable through hard work.

But after navigating 15+ years of depression and anxiety, I created my own bespoke emotional toolkit that allowed me to ride the emotional waves of running a business with confidence and ease.

I’ve lovingly wrapped up this process into the Heart-Light; Soul-Ease™ method, so I can now guide others to do the same!


Step courageously into your version of success and sign up for many moons of magic together.


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