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The Elemental Development Guide™

empowering emotionally-frazzled entrepreneurs to run their online business with confidence, clarity and calm.

I would recommend working with Hannah, because this very simple meditation helped me to uncover some hidden issues that were not allowing me to move forward. I am now more clear about decision making, trusting that I can make good decisions.

Taina O. – Community Manager and Coach

Ready to ditch self-doubt, soar above anxiety and succeed with Soul-Ease™?

If you’d known what an emotional rollercoaster running your own business was, you’d never have become an entrepreneur, right? Do you look enviously at other bosses and wonder how it seems so easy for them?

Put down the beating yourself up stick!

It’s not your fault. If you’re feeling stressed, indecisive and find yourself procrastinating, you need bespoke support to find the soul-deep contentment and emotional ease it takes to run a successful business.

My Heart-Light; Soul-Ease™ method fills in the gaps in your toolkit, flipping stress to calm, indecisiveness to certainty and procrastination to courage.

Succeed with Soul-Ease™

Ride the emotional waves of running your business with confidence and courage.

Succeed with Soul-Ease™ Activator package: Seven moons to work 1:1 with me.

We’ll create the mental, spiritual, practical and emotional tools you need to banish the stress, procrastination, anxiety and overall emotional rollercoaster ride of running your business.

Succeed with Soul-Ease™Activator + Expansion package: 13 moons of 1:1 work

This intensive package is for those who are ready to take ownership of their emotions, expand their success, and navigate their goals with joy, pleasure and ease.

Succeed with Soul-Ease™

You can shift to feeling confident, calm, clear and courageous about running your business; book a free Curiosity Call now to find out how.


Soul Mission out now!

I know that many of you will resonate with parts (or a lot) of my journey and can find solace in knowing you are not alone. Getting to the point of having this level of confidence and courage has been years in the making. A journey I share in my chapter in Soul Mission, to help others not have to walk the same long path I did.

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Yes, I would definitely recommend working with Hannah. Like I said, you are good with creating a safe space for your clients to share their struggles and for them to work through them in a very caring and loving way.

Mamen Roca – SAAMA therapist