Hi, I’m Hannah!

Coach and best-selling author of Soul Mission!

I love empowering emotionally frazzled entrepreneurs to confidence and courage in running their successful online business, with Soul-Ease™.

As The Elemental Development Guide™, I combine my extensive experience of working with people, with the tools I gathered on my own journey through anxiety. I’ve streamlined my holistic skillset into a method that guides clients towards emotional growth and business power.

I’ve witnessed firsthand how emotions can either trip you up or fuel you higher.

I’ve always worked with people — first, as a sign language interpreter, then a supervisor, and now, a coach.

As I journeyed into online entrepreneurship and navigated through 15+ years of depression and anxiety, I saw that many business programs, while practical, lacked the personalised emotional and psychological toolkit that I know founders need! That’s where my own methodology began to form.

Throughout my career and exploration of spirituality, I’ve streamlined my holistic skillset to create a system that can truly allow you to ride the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship: The Heart Light; Soul-Ease™ Method.

I can’t wait to share it with you and guide you on a path to business confidence, clarity and calm!

I came to Hannah, as I had doubts about whether to keep going with my business partner or was I scared to proceed further into the partnership because of my pattern of pulling away from things due to fear of whatever kind.

I wanted a clue about whether the signals I was getting were warning bells or was it just me, trying to escape once more because of my fear to fail, or maybe my fear of success!! Well, as it turned out, less than a week after our session, my partner and I decided to call it a day and go our separate ways.

It was all very peaceful and we both agreed that we weren’t sharing a vision for our business. We just thought we worked well together (which I still believe we do). We just didn’t want the same thing at this time. And it was so huge for me to be able to make that decision!!!!!

Mamen Roca – SAAMA therapist

A bit more about me…

  • I’m quite the sensory individual. I love the sensual feeling of cosy blankets, soothing herbal tea, cold champagne and velvet!
  • Put me in front of anything vampire fantasy (yes, including The Vampire Diaries, Underworld and Shadowhunters)!
  • I’m a massive musicals and anime lover.
  • My hands go so blue in the cold you can actually play noughts and crosses on them (seriously me and my school friends did all the time).
  • I can devour a novel in a few of hours.
  • If you tickle me I will laugh so hard that my breath reverses and I’ll sound like a chicken!

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